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Could Commercial Flooring Boost Productivity in your Business?
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Could Commercial Flooring Boost Productivity in your Business?

High quality flooring can bring the best out of your staff and your business. Whether you operate a retail store, boutique hotel, restaurant or health clinic, there are many benefits to enjoy with commercial flooring. Aside from safety and long-lasting durability, productivity is another reason we'd like to mention.


Increased Productivity


A boost to productivity is one positive side effect you can experience with new commercial flooring. Adding a sense of positive change and rejuvenation, the right type of flooring can lift staff morale and productivity. Bright and vivid, or soft and muted in design, commercial flooring can establish a cheerful working environment that promotes better health and well-being for you and your employees. Stress reduction and improved concentration are two helpful benefits you might encounter.


Colour is well-known for its energetic characteristics. Green coloured flooring can offer a gentle, calming influence in team environments. Instilling an attitude of patience and receptivity, green fosters tolerance, understanding and co-operation. Blue-toned flooring has cool, relaxing qualities and can be used in offices and sales settings where direct, efficient communication is required.


Improved Environment


When choosing new commercial flooring, you should think what you wish your business image to portray, not only to your staff but to yourself? Some businesses like to accentuate a contemporary look with vinyls and carpets for a streamlined impact that echoes clarity, purpose and drive. For others, natural and harmonious elements are preferred, with hardwood or laminate surfaces that are either dark and mellow or light, grainy and easy going.


Flooring can speak volumes about your work environment and is worth the time and effort to improve. If you have a drab reception area or waiting room, create a warm and inviting space with modern carpet. Or revitalise your office in a way that complements existing decor, but without the expense of a full makeover. Patterned or plain, the aesthetics of commercial flooring offer more than a creative mix of colour and texture; it can also boost your output.


Your Flooring Experts


For flooring that you and your staff will enjoy walking on, day in and day out, visit our showroom at 4 Derby Road, Ipswich. At Eric Dines Carpets & Flooring, we offer the best prices and expertise so your business interior can be enhanced with style. For further information, please call us on 01473 272555 or contact us for an appointment using our online form.