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How to Care for Karndean Flooring
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How to Care for Karndean Flooring

Flooring is one of the most essential elements that needs to be considered when building a house. Man has always been fascinated by nature, and some of the most popular design for floorings have drawn their inspiration from nature.


Some of the most famous floorings derived from designs of nature are Karndean design floorings. For years, Karndean floorings have brought the look and feel of stone and wood, in both practical as well as aesthetical manner, and are famous world over for their unparalleled aesthetics and ingenious utility.


Appealing as they may be, Karndean flooring needs a little extra care for cleaning and maintenance. Several people have written on how to care for Karndean flooring and for best results, any neutral cleaner such as the one from Karndean can be used. It should be noted that immediately after installation of the floor, no type of washing should be done for at least 24 hours.


After this stipulated time period, the floor can be cleaned; though this flooring is very durable and requires very little maintenance. Prior to cleaning the floor with a liquid, it is recommended that the floor be cleaned with a sweeping brush to remove dust and dirt that may have accumulated. Once the floor is properly swept, the Karndean cleaner can be used to gently wipe the surface, after which a common mop can be used to remove any excess liquid that may remain on the surface.


Care should be taken to allow the floor to dry completely before walking on it. Otherwise, footprints could become visible on the floor. For extensive care of Karndean flooring, customers may purchase a Floor Care Kit directly from the company.


Though these designer floorings may replicate hard surfaces with gaps and ridges where dirt can accumulate, the actual flooring as such is devoid of such dirt traps. This makes both cleaning and maintenance extremely easy and less cumbersome. Karndean floors do not need regular polishing; however, basic care should be taken. For example, dragging heavy objects on the floor should be avoided as much as possible.


This would cause scratches and make the surface lose its lustre. Any furniture that is in direct contact with the flooring should be given a rubber bushing, so as to not damage the floor. Spills of any kind should be mopped and dried as quickly as possible.


These are just some of the many pointers on how to care for Karndean flooring. Do not let the worry of maintenance stop you from opting for Karndean floors, for this flooring can be maintained easily by just bearing a few points in mind, apart from adding charm to your house.


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