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Why Hardwood Flooring is the Best Choice for Pets
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Why Hardwood Flooring is the Best Choice for Pets

When choosing to create a cosy home for you and your pet/s, take a moment to consider the best flooring options available. Rather than deciding on thick, hard-to-clean carpets or slippery vinyl surfaces, we at Eric Dines Carpets & Flooring recommend hardwood as the most functional choice of all. Without harbouring dirt or cause for allergy, this type of flooring offers versatile elegance and is ultra pet-friendly in its purpose.


Flooring For Your Pets


Hardwood flooring is solid in its construction and is adored for its natural appeal. Featuring earthy wood grains, you can opt for light, rich honey or darkened tones to suit the existing interior design of your home. Whether your taste is for contemporary or old-fashioned styling, we source and supply wooden flooring from major brands, such as Boen and Junckers. While your pet/s may not notice the difference, we believe that hardwood flooring is well worth the investment.


As a highly durable surface, authentic wood flooring lends itself to a prestigious look without the fuss of carpet cleaning and dirt stains. Hard-wearing in every way, you will find that deep claw scratches, piles of pet hair and much more can become a thing of the past. Unlike carpet, muddy patches can be sponged away with a damp cloth and quickly dried, with no blemish to be seen.


With exceptional longevity, hardwood floors offer convenience when you need it most. If your cat or dog leaves a messy food trail across the floor, it just takes a quick wipe to make it look like new again. With no lingering odours and little grime to contend with, you can expect wood flooring to be low maintenance at all times. A true blessing for pet owners, you might soon have more time to play with your feline or canine friend instead.


Best Choice For Flooring


At Eric Dines Carpets & Flooring, we value the floors you and your pet walk, live and play on, which is why we are the specialists you can trust. If you are looking for expert advice regarding new flooring for your home and your pet, contact us today on 01473 272555 or via our online form.